Face and Body Professionals offers a wide range of Pigments for Cosmetic Tattooing of Lips, Brows, Areolas and Eyeliner. All our products are MADE IN THE USA.   American Flag

Warm Lips Color

A rich warm red for those who have bluer based natural lips and desire a more obvious and opaque lip color.

TEMP: Warm
BASE: Red/Orange

$ 31.00 ea./(1 - 11)
$ 28.00 ea./(12+)
1/2 oz/15 ml
Neutral Lips Color

Most natural base color.  Perfect for women who want their pale lip tone enhanced without the addition of obvious color.

TEMP: Neutral
BASE: Red/Pink

$ 31.00 ea./(1 - 11)
$ 28.00 ea./(12+)
1/2 oz/15 ml
Cool Lips Color

A magenta based color for women of ethnic and olive skin and those who desire a cool rose color.

TEMP: Cool
BASE: Red/Violet

$ 31.00 ea./(1 - 11)
$ 28.00 ea./(12+)
1/2 oz/15 ml
We offer three different permanent makeup pigment shades for cosmetic lip tattooing.
 Our basic lip pigment colors provide options for your clients; from those simply wanting to enhance the lips without obvious color; to those wanting a rich, red lip color.  
We have warm, neutral and cool basic lip pigments, suitable for all complexions, and also provide an indication of the base color and recommendation for the natural skin and lip color it is most suitable for.  
Permanent  lip pigments for cosmetic tattooing gives the lips color and also can make the lips appear.  
Full lips give the face a much more youthful appearance, and a permanent makeup procedure with our cosmetic tattoo lip pigment also avoids the problems of lip color coming off during sports, drinking or kissing,
or lip color 'bleeding' out into skin creases around the lips, an important concern for older women.  
*When looking at pigment swatches for color on your computer monitor, please note the shade may vary, depending on your monitor color set-up.